Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump Demands Credit from Americans

Going into the first debate, Donald Trump's campaign had worked hard to a set a very low bar for him to clear.  All that was expected of him was to remain composed and make a few points that his campaign had wanted him to make in that 90 minutes.  That's it. When confronted with follow up questions, Trump floundered and imploded.

In a span of 90 minutes, Trump demanded credit from Americans for:

- Making President Obama release his birth certificate.
- Not complaining about IRS audits as he is entitled to.
- Not saying something 'not nice' to Hillary Clinton.
- Making NATO create a division for Terror
- Not releasing his 'secret' plan to destroy ISIS
- Not being racist in his night club in Orlando
- Being smart by avoiding or not paying taxes.

When he was not demanding credit from Americans, he reminded them that

- Americans as a nation (from both parties) are a bunch of losers who keep voting for politicians who don't know how to negotiate deals
- African Americans are a bunch of losers who let Democrats exploit them
- Winners like him file for multiple bankruptcies

In between, he made sure that everyone in America knows that he is rich - bigly, yuugely, he is smart, and he will make 'unbelievable' deals and Americans should be grateful that he is running in this race to fix all the problem.

Even this Donald should know, by now, that his a** was handed to him by Hillary tonight!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ted Cruz Claims that his Prayers Guided him to Endorse a Sniveling Coward Who Attacked his Family

During the republican primaries, Donald Trump repeatedly insulted Ted Cruz and his family.  Trump called Ted Cruz as lyin' Ted, questioned his faith, retweeted an unflattering photo of Ted Cruz's wife, insinuated that Ted's father had something to do with JFK's assassination, etc.

Image result for sniveling coward

Ted Cruz was equally colorful in describing Trump.  He called Trump a pathological liar, sniveling coward, utterly amoral, and a serial philanderer.  He pointedly refused to endorse Trump at the Republican convention in Cleveland, and the very next day declared, “I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,

What a difference a couple of months makes?  Now Ted Cruz, claims that his prayers and conscience have guided him to endorse Ted Cruz.

Is it likely that God implored Ted Cruz to support an sniveling coward in his prayers as Ted Cruz claims?

Is it likely that Ted Cruz - just now - realized that Hillary Clinton would try to enact policies that republicans may not like?


Is it likely that Ted Cruz is worried that he might lose his re-election bid in 2018 if Trump supporters do not vote for him? You betcha!

For Ted Cruz, this election cycle has been a series of humiliations. 

Early in the republican primary season, Ted Cruz opportunistically calculated that Trump will crash and burn on his own, and refrained from attacking Trump's blatant falsehoods.- when it could have had some effect in slowing the Trump train.  That selfishness turned out to be huge mistake. 

Later in the republican primaries, when only two candidates were left, Trump bullied Cruz with ever more brazen attacks, and won the nomination.

After the primaries, Cruz tried to portray himself as a principled conservative, by imploring people to vote their conscience.

At that time, Trump boasted, “Honestly, he may have ruined his political career. I feel so badly. I feel so badly. And you know, he’ll come and endorse over the next little while. He’ll—because he has no choice."

It turns out that Trump was correct. Ted Cruz came and endorsed him in the next little while.  Ted Cruz's latest attempts to be a sanctimonious, 'true' conservative have failed - yet again.  Even the crazies are not buying it.  How sad!

Is there someone who can run against Ted Cruz in 2018?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Trump has a money problem!

For the 2016 presidential campaign including the primary, as of July 21, 2016, Republicans raised 237.1 million dollars more than democrats (840.1 million Vs 603.1 million).  Sure, some of the difference in fundraising is due to the sheer number of republican candidates during the primary season.  

But, when you breakdown the monies raised by each party between money raised by the PACS and the money raised by the candidates campaign, there is a startling difference between the democrats and republicans (see Figure below).


A few things are worth noting. 

     (1)  For every dollar raised by the PACs, democratic candidate campaigns brought in 4.6 dollars, and the republican candidate campaigns brought in an anemic 0.79 dollars.   In other words, until now in this campaign, Republicans have relied heavily on PAC money, and Democrats have relied heavily on Candidate fundraising. 

      (2)  Obviously, some of the glaring discrepancy between the parties is due to Bernie Sanders who had no PAC money. So, all of the PAC money on the democratic side went to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Even discounting the Bernie’s fundraising, Hillary Clinton’s campaign raised nearly 2.4 dollars for every dollar raised by PACs supporting her – a ratio that was better than most republican candidates who ran in the primary.  So, Democrats have been far more willing to put money down than republicans in this cycle.

      (3)  PACs that supported republican candidates during the primary, are NOT supporting Trump for the general election.  This might prove to be decisive.  In fact,  PACs supporting Clinton have outraised PACs supporting Trump by 10 to 1.  Without PAC money coming in, Trump has to rely mostly on money from campaign fundraising.  This might explain all the urgent fundraising emails sent all over the place including to foreign nationals (their contributions would be illegal). 

Without money from Super PACS  and without an established political network of donors who can be counted on to donate again and again, Trump has a significant fundraising problem.  Trump has to rely on generating saturation media coverage on a daily basis by making outrageous statements.  Unfortunately, such statements, while may help Trump to dominate the news cycle, also hurt him by turning off general-election voters.  That is a structural problem that Trump has, and there is no easy way out.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump Vs Trump

If you are a Trump supporter you have to see this video.

Clearly, Trump does not take his own words seriously.  Should you?

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Democrats should run a different race

Compared to RNC, DNC was better run.  DNC was packed with well-known stars such as Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Barack Obama making impressive speeches that fired up the crowd,  as well as with lesser known, but equally powerful speakers such as Kizr Khan, Jennifer Lim, and Corey Booker. By the time DNC was over Trump was torn into pieces.However, Trump is such a flawed candidate that he is an irresistible, juicy, big target.  Taking down Trump is immensely satisfying.  Unfortunately, I am afraid that this is also a mistake.

Bashing Trump might win this election by appealing to 'moderates', and centrists.  While Mike Bloomberg made that pitch explicitly, Barack Obama with his phrase, "What we heard in Cleveland was not particularly Republican, surely not conservative", made the same appeal with less force, but with more finesse. Hillary Clinton went full bore with repeated appeals to "join us".  Appealing to conservatives may very well be a good strategy to win this particular election where Trump is your opponent, but is a short sighted one.

What if the republican candidate was not Trump?  Would Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Christie, be better candidates?  They all wanted to repeal Obamacare line and verse.  They all subscribe to trickle-down economics, with tax-cuts to the very wealthy.  They all screamed Islamic terrorism as loud as they could without offering any concrete alternative plan.  None of them believed that climate change is real.  None of them believed or accepted that evolution is a well proven scientific theory.  They all supported fossil fuel industry.  On issue after issue, they were all beholden to the freedom caucus, the extreme right wing of the republican party that threw Boehner out, and that routinely threatens to shut the government down if they do not have their way.

The reason why Trump was able to browbeat other republican candidates easily was because Trump understood the average republican voter better than any of them. 

By abandoning the traditional republican language that seeks to clothe xenophobia with concerns about border security, racism with language about 'states rights', and  support for the military industrial complex with slogans on patriotism, Trump was able to attract a large section of the republican electorate, which unfortunately gets its daily dose of misinformation via talk radio, and over the years has fully internalized the manufactured anxiety from the conservative entertainment complex. 

Cruz, who better than any other candidate appealed to evangelicals sincerely through his unabashed proclamations of 'God bless America', and promoting family values.  It is telling that evangelical leaders, so quickly jumped to the Trump bandwagon.  Evangelicals decided that winning was more important than anything else.

The republican party is ideologically bankrupt, and that is the main problem.  Having Trump as their nominee, can obscure this fact.  

It is not that Trump is an anomaly.  Trump is where the modern republican party is at, and has been for years. The democrats should use every opportunity to implore people to look at the current republican party, not just at Trump.  Speakers at the DNC looked very closely at Trump, but did not focus as much on the republican party.  That is where the real problem is.